Vision And Mission

The college aims to impart integral education of the highest standard, sound learning, build up character and instill highest moral and spiritual values, uphold social justice and to share with others the fullness of life which God offers in and through Jesus Christ. Through various curricular and extra- curricular programmes, we propose to empower the rural youth, make them value-based, self confident and employable. The exposures and various formative programmes help the students to take up responsibilities in the society. We facilitate sincere and tradional student- teacher relationship to make each student to feel that the college is an extension of home.

Those who enter the institution could grow in wisdom and virtue and could say to others. “ you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. We diffuse spiritual thoughts that enable them to understand each one’s life in the light of the Supreme Reality. We aim to build up sound inter - personal relationship and cater to the three dimensional growth of personality - physical, mental and spiritual.