Cultural Forum

The Forum aims to identify and promote the cultural and artistic talents of the students. They gather on every Thursday in the noon break at the college seminar hall to present and evaluate their talents. The forum also conducts an annual cultural festival called Sarga Sangamam. Sri. M. Asokan is the teacher in charge.


The ADIC-BAM was started in the college as a joint venture of Pathanamthitta District Collectorate and ADIC-BAM. During 1994-95 the college was declared 'Drug Free Campus'. The main objective of the club is to create an awareness among the students about the evils of drug addiction and alcoholism. Seminars, cultural programmes and counselling are the main activities. Sri.Ens Mathews is the staff adviser of ADIC-BAM.

Tourism Club

Tourism club was started in the college as a unit of District Tourism Promotion Council of Pathanamthitta. The main motto of the club is to promote internal tourism. The club provides to study different types of tourism, and it conducts seminars and adventurous activities like trekking, cycle expeditions, sailing etc.., and it arranges study tours and picnics. Sri. Anilkumar S is in charge of the club.

Nature Club

Nature club is functioning in the college to promote ecofriendly life style among staff and students. Dr.Vijaylekshmi L.J and Dr.Ginu Joseph are the teachers in charge of the club.


All students of the college are members of the Club. The objective of the club is to develop and encourage the artistic talents of the students. Music, dramas and such other entertainments will be conducted by the Arts Club. Sri. Joseph Kuruvilla is in charge of the Arts Club

Energy Conservation Society

Objective of the society is to foster sustainable development and conservation of all forms of energy and environmental resourses. Dr. Rani R. Nair is in charge of the society.

Chapel Service

Dr. Alex Mathew is in charge .

Career Guidance & Counselling Centre

Dr. Thomson K. Alex is in charge .

Debate & Quiz club

Sri. Joseph Kuruvilla is in charge.


Dr. Abby Joseph Idiculla is in charge.

Women Cell

Smt.Kavitha Jacob & Smt. Tijy Mathew are in charge.

Student Counselling Centre

Dr. Anitha Thomas & Prof. Vigi George are the teachers in charge .

Remadial teaching

Dr. Alex Mathew is in charge.

Tutorial System

Smt. Rose Thomas is in charge.

Open Course

Dr. Shaji P. Thomas is in charge.

Students Charter

Mr.Binil Thomas Zachariah is in charge.

Readers Forum

Dr. G Pradeep is in charge.

Sahithya Vedi

Dr. K.S Suresh Chandran


Dr. Sini Jacob & Sri. Ens Mathews are in charge.


Sri. Anil Kumar S is in charge.


Dr. Thomson K Alex


Chairperson : Dr. Mathews M. George M. Sc. , M. Phil, Ph. D (Principal)
Co-ordinator : Dr. Shaji P Thomas
Administrative officers : Mr. Reji Paul (Office Supt.)
Mr. Philip Samueal (HA)
Mrs. Elizabeth K. George, Librarian
Teaching staff : Pro. Jacob M Abraham
Pro. M Ashokan
Dr. Bino Thomas (Research Guide)
Dr. Pradeep G
Dr. Alex Mathew
Dr. Rani R Nair
Dr. Thomson K Alex
Members from Management : Prof. Thomas Abraham, Manager
Prof. C.C. Joseph, Treasurer, BAM Trust
Nominees from local society : Mr. E.K. Soman, Vice President Grama Panchayat
Mr. Reji Philip, Member, Grama Panchayat
Mr. Sadasivan C.K., Ward Member